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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Palm Futures Higher On Hope Of Festive Demand

Salam Semua...

Quoted from Business Times, 05.8.2010;

CRUDE palm oil (CPO) futures prices on Bursa Malaysia Derivatives closed higher yesterday with hope of festive demand and concern over the weather boosting sentiment, dealers said. "CPO prices hit a four-and-a-half month high yesterday," said one of the traders.He said that soybean prices surged on concern that dry weather would affect the commodity and this also gave a lift to CPO prices."With the Ramadan month approaching, harvesting is expected to slow down which may lead to a slight fall in this month's production," the trader said.

At close yesterday, CPO futures for August 2010 increased RM34 to RM2,675 per tonne, September 2010 gained RM39 to RM2,632 per tonne, October 2010 added RM28to RM2,590 per tonne and November 2010 was RM30 higher at RM2,585 per tonne. Volume dropped to 12,945 lots from 17,244 lots Tuesday and open interest declined to 68,584 contracts from 69,376 contracts previously. On the physical market, August South was RM40 higher at RM2,680 per tonne compared to RM2,640 per tonne Tuesday.

so... JOM BORAK PASAL PROTECTION risk, UNIT TRUST & FUTURES MARKET (fCPO) kat sini ... here ... :)


  1. Salam DOn,
    Saya Kazam baru nak menyelam dln cpo ni...1st time baca tuan memang menarik harap dpt selitkan tips,teori dln trading ni.
    harap dpt tunjuk ajar tuan.

    - kazam

  2. salam tuan ... tip apa tuan mau ??? nasihat saya satu saja main cpo nie tuan... HATI MAU KERING dulu ... ikut plan trading & strategy tuan jgn ikut hati orang lain nanti merana... Equity tu, Ok, no problem... kite share2...