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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ini 9 Tapak Nak Jadi "Profesional Trader".

Salam Semua...

1. Pemahaman tentang indikator yang digunakan seperti "Moving Averaga (M.A.)" & "Standard Deviation".

2. Pemahaman tentang Asas "Technical Trading".

3. Pemahaman Teknik yang digunakan bila hendak "ENTER" atau "EXIT" dalam Pasaran.

4. "Design" model "Technical Trading" sistem ANDA sendiri.

5. Tahu "MONEY MANAGEMENT" ANDA sendiri.

6. Pratik Untung dan Rugi dalam sistem pengurusan ANDA.

7. Buat Kajian (research), Ulasan dan cari "TUNE" bagi "Technical Trading" ANDA supaya sesuai dengan Pasaran.


9. HATI MESTI SELALU RIANG ... my 2 cents :)

Short-Term Futures Trading?

Salam Semua...

"Short-Term Futures Trading"?

1. To trade frequently, seeking out smaller, more reliable moves.

2. To enter and exit as promptly as possible and at the best possibles prices.

3. To avoid thin markets even though they may characteristically exhibit large intraday price moves.

4. To enter and exit positions on the same day.

5. To trade frequently, seeking out smaller, more reliable moves.

In order to achieve these goals;

1. Total commitment to the market throughout the trading day, exiting most positions before the day's close.

2. The ability to accept losses.

3. The ability to take profits quickly when necesssary.

4. Follow mechanical trading system.