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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Three (3) Key Elements in Savings...

Salam Semua...

The wisdom in financial planning is save what you have first and then spend;

1) Emergency Fund, this should equal at least Six (6) months of your current net income. This fund is set aside in the event you lose your source of income unexpectedly, so this should keep you going until you find another job.

2) Life-Risk fund, which basically funds to be used when a person loses the ability to earn an income, i.e. becomes ill or paralysed. This is normally accumulated via an INSURANCE POLICY. Here, one should ensure that the funds are equivalent at least five (5) years' annual income. So, for example, if you earn RM5,000.00 a month, which translates to RM60,000.00 a year, then you should buy a RM300,000.00 (RM60,000.00 x 5) policy (everyONE need minimum RM250,000.00 for Critical Illness nowdays).

3) Set aside some money for generally safer investments such as property, blue-chip stocks and crude palm oil (CPO) futures. This should garner you some decent returns but you have to be careful of your choices.

so... JOM BORAK PASAL PROTECTION risk, UNIT TRUST & FUTURES MARKET (fCPO) kat sini ... here ... :)

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