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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Analyst fCPO on 25.03.2010

Salam Semua...

- Analyst chart fCPO Jun10 on 25.03.2010, Thursday, after market closed at 6:00pm -
25.03.2010 Thursday, fCPO10 closed at 2575 with Open 2556, Low 2551 and High 2579. As per analyst on 23.03.2010, Tuesday. Pergerakkan kesatria fCPO Jun10 as per CS1, CS2, CS3 & CS4. At the moment Crude Oil (C.L.) traded at 80.90 up (+0.37) with Bean Oil (B.O.) P.A. traded at 39.32 up (+0.24) time 8:10pm, but it's too early to predict what will happen on fCPO Jun10 tomorrow, 26.03.2010, Friday. See chart above, if tomorrow (tomolo or esok) fCPO Jun10 open gap above priced closing today (2575) wait until market close at 6:00pm, and if CS5 candlestick White (BLUE) symbol will continue further up up and away follow by candlestick at CS6 (BLUE) symbol with Position still switch "ON".
If, 26.03.2010 not happen as per chart above, will change the strategy & will consider to stay a side from market movement. Wassalam.

note: The opinion of wEitmy only and you should be carefully consider whether to Invest based on your Financial Condition.

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