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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Analyst fCPO on 19.03.2010

Salam Semua...

- Analyst ChART fCPO Jun10 on 19.03.2010 Friday, after market closed -

19.03.2010 Friday, fCPO10 closed at 2577 with Open 2542, Low 2536 and High 2580. White Candlestick was form engulfed the previous one. CS1 harga fCPO Jun10 akan diniagakan pada harga “opening between High and Low on CS or a bit High above previous closed on 19.03.2010, Friday. So, fCPO Jun10 akan bermain2 “turun (down) dan naik (up) but will not play below previous low on 19.03.2010, Friday with bear in mind the Resistance level at (R1) 2600 and Support level at (S1) 2480. Then fCPO Jun10 will rock the market movement from 10:30am to 11:45am after keep quiet until 12:10pm once get an injection wake-up for 25 mins to enjoy the game & 5 mins to que pre-closing matching for half day trading period. Rest about 2 ½ hours then take a que 5 mins pre-opening at 3:00pm, fCPO Jun10 will rock the market about 40mins before they get a sleep and get an injection at 4:30pm to make a noise and will rambo the market until at 5:55pm, take a que pre-matching close at 6:00pm. The fCPO Jun10 close at High and above Opening price CS1 and closing on 19.03.2010, Friday, Buy Position.

CS2 harga fCPO Jun10 akan diniagakan pada harga “opening at or above from previous closing on CS1. So, fCPO Jun10 akan bemain2 Up (naik) & Down (turun) but will not play below previous low on CS1 and will rock the market about 45mins and wake-up 20mins before market close for half trading period on CS2. 5mins pre-matching at 2:55pm, fCPO Jun10 que and rock the market about 30 mins to 45 mins toward Resistance (R1) 2600. Then play Up and Down before fCPO Jun10 sleep again at 3:45pm until 4:29pm, then at 4:30pm wake-up, make a noise limbo the market up & down toward or play near level 2600 or hit at high 2610 & after touch, down a bit but still not below previous low on CS1. At 6:00pm market fCPO Jun10 close at High from previous closing on CS1. Hold Buy or Sell position (close) depend on situation between 5:50pm to 5:58pm.

CS3 to be continue … after Closing Market at 6:00pm on CS2… :)

If, 22.3.2010 not happen as per chart above, will change the strategy & will consider to stay a side from market movement. Wassalam.

note: The opinion of wEitmy only and you should be carefully consider whether to Invest based on your Financial Condition.


  1. ok don,noted,tq.but x brapa phm ;) esk pagi2 wa bc blk.

  2. terima kasih


  3. waaa... ada sambungan CS3... best ni..

  4. Salam Tuan Don..
    Ana dok mengkaji and amik notes tulisan enta..bagusss..TQ so much :)

    -PG (Saudagar Unta)

  5. esok aku masukk position buyy.. wowoww ... hehehe...


  6. ok satu lagi CS tu CANDLESTICK ...wei :)