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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

fCPO and KLCI Cash ... Cl -0.63 aNd BO pa -0.18, sTay-away from fCPO Aug10...

Salam Semua...

erm fCPO Aug10 Open 2485 High 2490 low 2479 and last done at 10:59am at 2485. KLCI cash market open gap today at 1264.12 down (-9.49), so still no need to sWitch d'pOrtfolio unLess breakdOwn level 1220, cAsh maRket upHill with High 1393.25 yEar 2010, then come with one of GLC's company shows vEry bAd cOrporate gOvern..., dOmestic iNternal fActor and tat why doWN temporary only. So, crude Oil, asian trading traded at 69.58 down (-0.63) & bean oil P.A. 37.56 down (-0.18) time 11:16am... so, still tak nAmpak nak masuk Sell or Buy lagi..., stay-aWay from fCPO.

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